Inside the Brazen Registration guide you may find step by step instructions to create a Brazen account, log in to your booth and register for the event.

FAQs for Company Representatives

To help you navigate through Brazen, here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I have never used Brazen before, how can I learn to work with the platform?

Brazen has done a brilliant job of explaining how to make the most out of it in their articles and videos, and we encourage you to check those out.

You can also sign up for their half-hour training sessions that they host every week, which also gives you the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Brazen tech support staff.

I have used Brazen before. Do I need to create again the booth from scratch?

If you have participated in previous Brazen events, you can simply copy your booth content from the previous event. You cam email (and cc to be granted access to this feature so that the booth(s) appears under “Previous Booths.”

How many representatives can participate in the event?

Each booth can accommodate up to 25 company representatives. They can chat with each applicant for 7 minutes with the possibility of extending the duration. The representative can extend the duration of the chat (for 2, 5 or 10 minutes) only once.

I am a company representative but I am not sure if I will be able to commit the full time. How will the candidates be notified?

We encourage representatives to attend the entire event to give enough time to interested candidates and avoid queuing.

The candidates will be able to see who is online in the booth at any particular point in time. Any queuing candidate will be matched with any online representative randomly. So, as long as you have someone online on your booth at any time, you should be good.

If you would like to be more transparent with candidates, you can mention your schedules in the home tab of your booth.

Will students have access to company representatives’ contact details?

Only students that talked with a company representative will have access to his / her contact details.

Will I have access to an attendee list?

Yes, you will have access to an attendee list along with their basic contact info.

Can I download the students’ resumes before the event?

Sure, you can download all students’ resumes through Brazen even now. A lot of students have already uploaded their resumes and a lot more resumes will become available as we approach towards the event.

What if I encounter a technical issue during the event? Is there going to be live support from Brazen?

Yes! The Brazen team will be available during the event to guarantee a seamless experience for everyone. To get support, you can either:

  1. Go to the Help Tab in the event which will redirect you to a support ticket site or
  2. Email

Usually, submitting a ticket is the most efficient way to solve any issue.